This section won’t be a youtube instructional section where I talk you through each exercise and bore you to death. It will be strictly about exercises and workouts that can get you results fast without the risk of injuries. They are workouts I will be doing, not some awesome looking fitness model (although minus being bald I am confident ;), and more importantly they will all be broken up by time and tools needed so that you know exactly which one works for the occasion you need.

For example: If you are short on time and in a hotel because you are at a conference for your job, I will have a bodyweight challenge routine that may take 7-10 minutes using just your body weight. Or maybe you want to start learning how to use barbells, dumbbells, or kettle bells and you have 45-60 mins to get a awesome workout in, I will have something for you.

The goal will be provide you the solutions you need without overwhelming you with fluff. I want the workouts to be something you take action on not a moment in time to show you how much I have learned about fitness over my career. As our community grows you will see me interview and meet with TRUE experts in this field (the people I look up to).

Our goal is a lifestyle that allows us to look and feel exactly how we want which is lean clean and healthy while achieving our most sought after desires (for me thats traveling), so that means I place the responsibility on you to know what intensity you are working out at and what level you need for the day based on your needs and energy levels. Lets GET MOVING :)

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