Simply Starting Over

Six months ago I embarked on a journey of putting my life on pause for the greater good of the cause (YOU/Clients). All I see around me are are people that are over worked and undervalued. Stressed beyond belief that they are living a life of mediocrity. Not achieving their goals. Drowning in a pool of goal failure. Leaving them overweight and downright depressed.

It makes me sad because as a Personal Trainer I work with people that express these feelings every single day and every single day I try my very best to reach them on the deepest of levels and scream you deserve better! And it all starts with taking care of yourself first. Yet, no matter how hard I want to change my clients I can’t do it for them.

Then one day in June of last year I had a break through moment. What if I were to back off (become human again in their eyes) and start over so that they could in fact follow me down the exact same path knowing that it is not a race to the finish line but instead a journey of self improvement that lasts a lifetime?!

So I started detraining my body by simply doing what the majority of Americans do today by sitting on the couch, at my desk, reading books (lots and lots of books), and watching movies (a true love and addiction I have). I am a beer guy, so I drank 1-2 a day maybe 3 times a week,  and ate whatever I wanted at dinner ONLY (I didn’t want my health markers to get terrible, just wanted to start over ;).

Use it or Lose it! Thats the saying right?

Well let me walk you through what happened to my body. Because I took six months off, maybe you will be able to relate if your not exercising now or just starting back after a layoff. Lets start with the definition of detraining so we are all on the same page.

“Detraining refers to the effect your body experiences when you take an extended break from regular, vigorous fitness training. “

How fast are we talking about? You can see a difference in as little as 2-4 weeks! Isn’t that insane? Now it isn’t like you lose everything all at once on a specific day in that time period. But your body does start to lose its “edge” so to speak and then the longer you stay away from your routine the more you lose. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, why bother then, that’s not fair, WTH!

Calm down, take a moment and just breath. This actually applies to every area of our lives, we don’t remember everything we read, write, work on. We only get good at the things we apply. So it is simple, if you want to look good, have more energy, perform better in and out of the bedroom in every facet of life then you need to make “challenging movement” (aka exercise) a way of your life. Fit it in no matter what. Don’t wait until your mind/ego convince you that it is to late. Just get started and once you have, vary your intensities so you don’t get burned out. But no matter what NEVER NEVER stop! It just isn’t ever worth it.

So in the six months of detraining I performed to bring me back to the level at which all would be considered starting over and this is how it breaks down. June 2013 (the start), after two-four weeks I lost roughly 10% of the gains I had worked so hard for, and approximately 2.5-5% every month after. That is a total of 35-50% lost or more depending on the source you make your opinion around. Now thats only the half of it, here is the real kicker, it will take me approximately 5 months to get back the muscle mass I had developed at pre training levels.

Now although I can stand here and say to “never stop training” and that “it was the hardest thing I have ever done” (which it is), that just wouldn’t be realistic. The truth is that our mind is the captain of our ship (our bodies) and sometimes it is just tired and broken from external stress that we let get the best of us. So, realistically we all take breaks at one time or another.

So the real point to my mission to start over is to show you/others how to make fitness a way of life with varying intensities so that on days where getting out of bed is hard we will still do whats right and take care of ourselves and then on the days where we are superheroes we will raise our intensities to levels we had no idea were possible and set new PR’s (personal records) in our workouts!!

I am excited to be sharing my journey as well of those that decide to join our community and Simply Fit Project.


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