Simply Smart Preparation

So we are looking to get back in shape, right?

Lose weight, gain muscle, tone up and sculpt, ect. Now I know what your are thinking, what exercises will we be doing? How about the rep ranges, sets, super sets, giant sets, how about a little HIIT?

Well like my momma dukes likes to say, “Hold your horses.”

Like I said, in order for our results to become part of our lives instead of some fad diet or quick fix routine, then we must start out at the beginning. It will allow us to build the quickest momentum that will give us lasting results, no matter what the goal is.

We first must start with the paperwork which consists of your Medical history review, Risk factor assessment and stratification, Prescribed medications, Level of physical activity, Establishing whether physician consent is necessary, Administration of fitness tests and evaluation of results, Setup of exercise prescription, Evaluation of progress with follow-up tests. Crazy right?!

Don’t worry the first four parts of this process are answered through the industries two standard preparticipation health screening questionnaires. In the Fitness Industry you will find two standard preparticipation health screening questionnaires that are commonly used to answer these questions for you or your Personal Trainer, those are the PAR-Q and the Health Status Questionnaire. The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, more commonly know as the PAR-Q, is a self-administered questionnaire that is a simple, concise, and is a safe pre-exercise screening tool for individuals that would like to start a moderate-intensity program and/or activities.

The idea behind this form is to screen potential participants by asking them 7 questions and if he/she answers yes to any of the 7 questions, they are directed to contact a physician before undergoing a fitness test or pursuing regular exercise. If you are more likely to to get involved with a high intensity routine similar to what you would experience in a small group or boot camp setting, then the Health Status Questionnaire with do a more thorough job of identifying whether you have risk factors that may affect a individual from beginning a exercise program.

You can use this link as a resource to find a PAR-Q form Click Here.

So your probably saying to yourself, why do I have to go through a screening in order to exercise? I walk everyday and have no problem, I just want to lose weight what’s the big deal? Well first off, lets take the scenario that you visit the doctor before starting your program (my recommendation).

Imagine you have waited 3 years to start exercising again, the Dr. says you have to lose 60 lbs and you are at a very high risk factor for (CHD) Coronary Heart Disease. Now by just visiting the Dr. you now have a good idea on where you need to start because he/she naturally identified your risk factors by having you fill out paperwork and by asking you questions. But what if you avoided this crucial step and ignored what indications your body was telling you by starting a program that was to vigorous for you to begin and just 2 weeks later you ended up in the hospital for a triple bypass heart surgery, what would you say then?

Ya, I would second check whether or not I can start exercising too! Besides you are really canceling out your chances of risk just by be able to answer “no” to all 7 questions on the PAR-Q. So do yourself a favor and go through answering a PAR-Q and if you have a doctor or insurance and really want to take the safe approach then go get a physical done with your physician. It can’t hurt to get a better idea on where you and your health stands. Otherwise just use your best judgement and get started ASAP, time is the one thing that keeps on ticking and you never get a second back.

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