Simple Fit Breaks to Take Advantage of

Do you live a busy life, never finding time for exercise?

Whether you work in front of a computer all day, sit at a desk for hours on end, or simply want to get in shape and have more energy during your busy days, Fitness Breaks are the answers to your prayers!

Fitness Breaks can offer you short, easy to implement exercise routines that can target every single muscle group in your body. You can gain strength, sculpt muscle, burn fat and gain endurance in less time than it takes for your over stressed out of shape co-workers that run out of the office for a cigarette break.

I don’t know about you but that sounds like the ideal fitness program, right?

Well, don’t believe its all hype. I’m not here trying to sell you on anything, in fact, I’m so confident that anyone can do this once I’ve explained the rules I can guarentee you that it is something you can implement TODAY!

So let’s get to it, shall we.

Although bodyweight exercises will be the most cost effective, efficient, and convenient to use at work and with such short workouts your only limited to the degree of your imagination.

All you need to do is take 5 exercises that you know, currently using, learning or mastering.

Pick one for each muscle group or targeted muscle groups you are looking to improve. I’m into total body fitness so my exercises are as follows:

Push – Pushups (regular, wide, military, uneven, ect)

Squat – Squats   (regular, 80/20, pistols)

Pull – Inverted Rows (not many options in a office setting)

Core – Planks (Situps, leg raises, bicycle crunches, 6″ holds)

Core – Supermans (wonder womans for you ladies)

Now that we have 5 exercises everytime we take a Fit Break to de-stress, gain energy, and re-focus on our work, we will use our 5 minutes to target our goals.

If you are looking to gain strength, endurance, and get a good muscular pump you will perform 1 exercise per minute for as many reps as possible with little or no rest in between exercises.

If you are looking to get a cardiovascular, calorie burning, sculpting workout you will perform 5 reps of all 5 exercises every minute on the minute for the entire 5 minute break equaling 25 total reps per exercise.

There is nothing fancy about this routine, in fact if you are looking for the magic pill then this article wont help you, but if you are looking to work hard in short bursts to get the body of your dreams because going to the gym a hour a day is not realistic then Fitness Breaks will take you there.

Use your imagination, any five exercises, just make make sure that you have one exercise per major body part (Push, Pull, Squat, Press, Squat) or exercises for the body part you are looking to target.


Have fun and leave me a comment.

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