Simply Motivated

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, take back control of your health and enjoy more out of life the only thing standing in your way is motivation. Motivation + Action = Results

With all the quick fixes marketed to us in today’s world, don’t you think that we would have found the answer by now? The truth is that the answer lies in your dedication motivation to the pursuit of change.

The answer isn’t what the next best fitness regimen, miracle diet, or super fruit that hits the market can do for you, those are just added benefits to a already good plan. It is in your diligence to consistency, intensity and timing.

What does that mean?

It means pick a fitness program and stick with it and don’t let anyone come along and distract you with shallow efforts to convince what they are doing is better. Are all programs made equal? No, absolutely not but now with all our technology it is much much easier to get information from the experts that are the pioneers or hire a personal trainer that will do the research and programing for you.

Whether you pay a personal trainer to develop a personalized fitness regimen for you, buy p90x (the most marketed fitness program ever) or a book/program you purchased during a moment when you believed in it all I want you to do is get started again and this time dedicate yourself for the entirety of the program (usually 90 days). Use your energy to master it, feel a mind body connection, how you feel fatigued, strong, unstoppable. Its like the entire world has ADD or ADHD and we get distracted so fast that we never allow the fitness program we start take effect and start to change our physiques, instead after 1-2 weeks, maybe 1 month we say,”this isn’t working, time to move on”. Have you ever thought or been told why programs usually give a timeline of 90 days? In my opinion, I believe it takes the average person at least 3 months to truly learn something very well but at the same time at a more cellular level it also takes your body 12 weeks to regenerate new blood cells which as I am sure you know is our bodies entire transport system from oxygen to micro nutrients.

So, be consistent with your workout days, be intense with each workout you perform and get into the habit of working out at the same time that you decide is best for you. This allows your body the best chance to adapt your new way of life.

Do not allow conventional wisdom make you believe what you are doing is wrong or will not work. Be sensible and realise that if your current plan is not working that you can always make small changes to make it better or challenge you more in order to see results.

Always look to improve yourself and on a side note always remember that you can not out train a bad diet.

Keep Motivated, you are changing from the inside out not vice versa.