About Me

BIO-PicHi. My name is Shawn.

Here at the Simply Fit Project I will be the one leading you through your Awesome Transformation.

I help entrepreneurs, working professionals (lawyers, accountants, salesman, insurance personnel), school teachers, and stay at home parents (I say parents because I have had a few stay at home fathers as well as mothers – man society has advanced).

Oh, and sometimes I train my kick @$$ clients at my fitness facility Exercise Explorers Academy.

Maybe you’re here because your doctor told you you’re in danger of some serious health issues. Maybe the new changes to the insurance industry has caused you to be dropped from your policy and you know that being proactive may save you BIG bucks $$$$$. Maybe its just because you are overweight and frustrated that you haven’t been successful, YET. Maybe you just had a kid, and the reality  that you being unhealthy could make THEIR lives more difficult just hit you like a ton of bricks.

Hell, maybe you just want to get in front of that mirror in your bedroom and feel great naked!

Whatever the reason you have for finding us, thank you.

I find it incredible how the internet has changed society in todays world, how social media, forums and the world wide web has brought like minded people together (boggles my mind).

But for the freedom that it has created for us it has also lead to information overload. We are literally drowning in emails, tweets, text messages, crappy ebooks, and websites that consume our time.

It has also brought us a seemingly unlimited number of “gurus” who will tell us that we just need to workout, watch our calories, and then they write catchy subject lines that will sell us on the next product that will show us the way to our dream body and life.

This post is different…          Im different

I am NOT about to churn out a bunch of uninspired, lifeless, me-too information that the world doesn’t need anymore.

Its about how I purposefully stopped working out for 6 months so I could detrain my body so that I was forced to start over. I literally became a desk jockey, nerd, and definitely a couch potato (I love TV too!).

This website is about showing you exactly what to do, NOT tell you what to do. Kinda like that saying “Do as I do” and the total opposite of “Do as I say not as I do” like parents occasionally say when they are caught in the moment of being hypocrites by there kids (I always laugh at that, like really?).

My goal is to inspire the hell out of you so that you can make positive changes in your life that will allow you to wake up and feel inspired to be just a little better today than you were yesterday- eat a little better, get a little stronger, run a little faster, and have a little better self worth.

The tagline of this site is “eat clean, get lean, and live your dream.” If I take you by the hand and show you the right path, you will wake up every day eager to eat healthy foods, do a daily workout that gets you closer to your goals, and by being healthier and more fit you will begin to have the confidence to live YOUR dream.

Small changes made today will add up to transformations in the proceeding weeks and months that you could never imagine possible until you experience them.

Before I continue with the “Projects” process I want to take some time to tell you how it came about. I mentioned in the beginning that I am also a personal trainer and help clients transform there lives but six months ago I was hit with a question that must have been said to me at least a 100 times over the last 7 years. But, something about this time was different and it hit me like a freight truck. I’ll get to the question in a minute.

Changes Next Exit

Have you ever felt like its to late to change? Maybe all that you have gotten out of life is all there is for you? Or maybe you feel you don’t deserve anything more than you have? I know I have but that doesn’t mean I don’t work my ass off so that I can change my circumstances. WE CAN ALL DO BETTER!!! If you really believe that life is about being over worked and under valued than you need this blog more than most. Change is HARD and the ones that stick with it are destined for a better life.

Now I am not rich (monetarily speaking), I don’t look like brad pit or george clooney (Im a Irish Baldy), I didn’t grow up in a house with a white picket fence with the perfect family in the perfect town. But, I DO know that I can change my life for the better and quite frankly I have different things I want than that anyway. Statistics say the happiest people make close to 75,000 a year but control there time, science has proven what makes us healthy and knows how to fix us if we are broken (and they continue to make breakthroughs), and we live in America! I know the politicians we have appointed have really sucked the last couple of decades but that doesn’t mean we can’t change it (we vote them in!).

I believe in purpose and my purpose is to be your fitness ambassador. To lead you by my example. To be a practitioner of the lifestyle I tell you about. Not the “Guru”or “expert”, I dont want to shove my ideas down your throat. I simply want to inspire YOU and others to enjoy there time on this planet while they have good health.

Don’t you want to wake up relaxed, happy and stress free? I know I do and I’ve made it my life mission to make it happen for myself. Even if that means excommunicating with people I love because they refuse to change. I want to travel (see the world), go bungy jumping, ski diving  (with my awesome girlfriend and my 65 year old client!), help non profits make a house or school in a third world country, scuba dive off the shores of Australia, the list just doesn’t end but the point is I want to LIVE LIFE. Don’t you? What does that mean to you? We don’t have to have the same goals, but you do have to want more for yourself. I want live a fulfilled life, not wait for the idea of a after life to get everything I want. I believe the universe gives you what you have earned. And this website is me giving back to the universe in hopes that mother earth believes I deserve more.

So what was that question I was asked that really made me take a step back and look at my life?

Its simple, Shawn, how would you know? You have never been out of shape.

I know where your goingMan what a slap in the face to wake up me up, huh. Now although its not true that I don’t know whats its like to start over or to be out of shape (I have had 3 surgeries that have stopped my own progress) and my clients know that I have had over five people lose over 100 lbs, over 30 people lose 30+ lbs and hundreds meet there own personal goals they know that feeling/question they have  doesn’t hold water with me. But, it also became very clear that if my own clients have that deep down thought then other people just starting off must want to know exactly what steps I would take if I were in their shoes in order to achieve the goal they have set. Although they may follow me after blindly after building repor and trust it comes across that they do not truly believe in the process that will achieve that outcome.

So my mission is to take you by the hand and ask you to do what I do and see how you feel after giving it a real shot at changing you? Does that sound like something you would like? If you said yes great, why don’t you make sure to sign up for email updates where you will get each step sent to your inbox.

If not no harm done, this website isn’t for everyone and I know that. Our personalities don’t vibe and its best we find that out in the beginning so neither of us feels like we waisted one another’s time.

Still Here?! Very nice.

So you want to get in shape?!

You have a million and one questions to ask anyone who can help. What should you eat? What should you do in the gym? How long should you work out? How many calories should you have each day? What is the best diet? I want to lose 50 lbs this month!

You have read my “About Me” section and feel like you can relate and that I can help you (or so I hope if you have made it this far). Thats great but you still want to know what the Simply Fit Project is really all about. Its simple really (no pun intended :), I want to show you the steps you should take in order to look and feel great again. Literally the steps! Starting from couch potato doing just wall pushups and squats holding onto hand rails all the way to blackbelt fitness explorer that can lift 2-3 times there weight, handstand pushups and pistol squats anywhere in the world or anything in between. As long as you striving to better yourself we are winning the war of mediocrity.

Step #1 make sure to sign up for my newsletter with a real email address you will actually open because email is the secret sauce to this program. I will give you step by step instructions on how to achieve the new you. This website is the headquarters so to speak so when you log on there will be a blog post that will inspire you somedays, workouts others, and even awesome recipes on others.

Welcome to the “Simply Fit Project”